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Cerebral Bore

We walk the lines of contentment.
Biding our time into contention. Time boring air holes into the box
as it is lowered
down six feet into our psychological graves.

Light shining through
giving me false hope.
Give me the drill bit.
It's not made a big enough impression on my temple.

Show me the wrong way.
Just drill it into my head.

I'm bored dumb from boredom.
Bored dead.
Boredom turns to bored drunk. Bored numb.
I'm bored into my grave.

Indulging on death
I taste of blood as it gushes out my head.
The release of the pressure from
this self autopsy.
All tension is gone
as I bleed out on the floor.
Calmly I realize it
was my own hand
addicted to self sabotage.

Now there's nothing left
in my head.
It's all been said.
I'll be dead by daylight.
Sunrise to suicide.
Living the infinite repeat.
Found my strength
is forever meeting defeat.

This self indulgent torture.
Elation sets on my brain. Endorphins pushing me through this....
Looking for that rush that I can't resist.
Desensitized through introduced stimuli.

Show me the wrong way.
Just drill it into my head.
Show me the wrong way.
The drill bit enters my head.

I'm bored dumb from boredom. Bored dead.
An artist without confliction
writes awful shit, repetition.
Hand over my tools
to the scribe of the Dead.
Just let me rest
as I drain this from my head

Lyrics by: Curt X


from The Dehumanization Process, released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved



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